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Become MatchAndTalk’s Affiliate Partner, Let’s Win Together!
MatchAndTalk is a social platform giving its members the opportunity to contact and keep in touch with each other by using their webcam, making and receiving calls and texts. MatchAndTalk operates worldwide and guarantees for %100 real members!
Become our affiliate and make profit forever!
MatchAndTalk affiliate programme is not limited for a month or a year, but for a lifetime. Any call made by the members you brought into MatchAndTalk gives you a share no matter how long it has been since you signed up for the system.
Earn £ 0.10 & £ 0.20 per minute for each member you bring in!
The calls made by the members you bring to MatchAndTalk system will return back as a revenue to you. You earn £ 0.10 per minute for voice calls, £ 0.20 per minute for webcam chats and £ 0.05 for each text sent by the members you bring in. The more members you bring in, the more calls made, texts sent is more revenue made to you.
Transparent partnership with your real-time panel we provide to you!
It is very easy to track your revenue with your real-time panel we provide to you. You will be able to keep the track of the members you bring into the system and your earnings from their calls by using the real-time panel. In addition you will be able to track the performance reports of your ad links over this particular panel.
Regular monthly payments!
Your income will be transferred to your preferred bank account on every 15th of the following month. With our dynamic reporting substructure the revenues you make will be delivered swiftly. If you want to be a part of our fastly growing MatchAndTalk affiliate system you can contact us using our contact information.
Affiliate partnership rules and all you need to know about MatchAndTalk;
• MatchAndTalk membership is made by the confirmation text sent to the users’ mobile phones.
• Every user is gifted 5 minutes of bonus talking credit after registration. Bonus credits are excluded from affiliate partnership revenues.
• Users can buy their talking credits by using their credit cards, accounts or via mobile payment with a secured and globally trusted process.
• The websites on which our affiliate partners publish MatchAndTalk ads have to comply the laws and regulations of the countries / states they operate. Otherwise MatchAndTalk reserves the rights to end the contract.
• Payments to our affiliate partners will be done on the 15th of the following month. For instance; your total revenue earned in June will be paid on July 15th.
• The minimum amount of earnings for payment is £1000 or equivalent.
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